Blackbird Real Estate is an advisory boutique headquartered in Königstein, which has an excellent national and international network. Blackbird has access to decision makers in the areas of Asset Management, Project Development, Financing and Investment Management.

We provide our services to wealthy families and institutions in real estate acquisitions, sales and are related in strategic real estate decisions. Here, Blackbird focuses on the following asset classes: office, retail and light industrial and hotel. For each project, we work out our approaches and conceptions interdisciplinary and from the perspective of the customer. Costs and benefits, strengths and weaknesses we balance with the same care and precision, as we would invest our own money.

We focus our activities on business segments in which our knowledge and skills offer special benefits for our clients.

Blackbird focuses on transaction advice during buying and selling processes.

Unlike the traditional broker, we commit ourselves to a variety of services that are used in traditional management consulting for a long time:

  • setting up and control of property documentation
  • supervision during data room installation
  • checking contracts, documents, etc. for completeness / timeliness
  • gathering and setting up of market information
  • SWOT analysis, including identification of the potentials on property resp. or portfolio level
  • identifying stumbling blocks and develop solutions for it
  • determination of a fair market price
  • creation of an informative investment memorandum
  • definition of the marketing strategy
  • identifying target groups and approaching them personally
  • project management
  • regular jour fixe dates and reporting
  • coordinating third parties
  • commercial due diligence
  • debt funding

Focus and advisory services require to exclusively act for one party and against a fee during each transaction.

Since the foundation of Blackbird, we were able to assist differing clients in more than 140 cases in their decision making. Fee-based and using our network we have given our assessment of residential, office, retail or logistics properties europe-wide – between Madrid and Copenhagen.